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Hello there! Welcome to Naturally Uncanny Reviews,  or NUReviews for short! We are a comedy/review group that reviews video games, movies, anime, music, food and so forth.

Mission Statement: Naturally Uncanny Reviews was just originally a video review series created to fulfill two objectives. 1.: To be an outlet for my own creativity. 2.: To inform viewers of the subject matter from a unique yet unbiased viewpoint. After near two years, we have decided to expand the content of NUReviews will provide, so we decide to create this blog/website. With this site, we intend to expand on the content that we provide, aside from just videos. Here, you’ll found articles, editorials, podcasts and such.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, submission on articles, or wish to be part of the NUReviews Team, using this form!

Regarding potential contributors and authors: It doesn’t matter when you do articles, videos, or both, as long as you have a knack for finding interesting geek culture news/stories or have unique opinions on the culture.

*For all professional inquiries, please contact me at SteveNUR@NUReviewsNetwork.com


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