Lovely Girls at Anime Expo. Does Ted know who they’re cosplaying as? Probably not.



I uhh…sorta know who they are. I know that in the middle we got Super Sonico and to her right is Hatsune Miku I think…Anyway yeah…Lovely.



So apparently really like Super Sonico now….Just something about her that I just can’t put my finger on….I know what it is, dem headphones.



Now this girl right here rocking the Necomimi Brainwave ears, I was about to ask her name and all that then she bent over a bit to stretch her back a bit….Mmm those legs…..Wait what was I talking about?


Ok I’m pretty sure I know these 3 at least. In the pink we got Kuro Usagi(Black Rabbit) from Problem Children and I think those two are Panty and Stocking. Am I wrong about the last two? Probably so. Do I care? Not one bit.



Then I saw her. Still have no clue who she is. Did I ask to take that photo of her? I sorta did, if you consider mumbling and pointing at your cellphone as proper communication. That cosplay though, such great workmanship and plus that lovely smile of hers just makes that cosplay even better….Yeah her smile. Aaand that’s all I got from Anime Expo 2013, hope whoever’s reading these like what we do. Just make sure to comment and share and all that jazz. Ted out!



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