Phantom Dust Gets A Second Chance

In March 2005, a mere eight months before the release of the console’s successor, the XBox received a title that received critical acclaim and not much else. This could describe several games that came out on the XBox that aren’t Halo, but, unlike Psychonauts or Barbie Horse Adventures, Phantom Dust was never released on another platform.

Until today of course.

Phantom Dust was born out of Microsoft tapping a huge amount of Sega’s talent. Panzer Dragoon Orta, Toe Jam & Earl III: Mission To Earth, Jet Set Radio Future, and GunValkyrie were released directly by Sega. Phantom Dust itself was directed by Yukio Futatsugi who previously worked on the original Saturn iterations of Panzer Dragoon. Microsoft needed to court the Japanese market; they still have a hard time selling today, and the PlayStation 2 days coupled with a new brand didn’t help. Ambitious titles like Project BC and True Fantasy Live would be cancelled, and other titles like Fable and Brute Force would under-deliver. Phantom Dust was a risk, and it wasn’t one Microsoft wanted to take.

An English version of the game was canned by Microsoft before it saw release; the game would receive a deal between Majesco and Microsoft to see the light of day here. It was exactly the game the XBox could’ve used years earlier. Yet it came out to little fanfare as hype for the XBox 360 built.

Now it’s seeing the light of day again. A release on the XBox One seems like a bit of waste, but at least now we can hope that Microsoft will release the title to PC in a few years. Here’s both a Let’s Play of the original title from a fan site, and the newly released teaser that shows no gameplay of the remake.


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