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Steve Tries Out #9: Arrogant Bastard!…Ale and BEER BREAD

We get our bake on with making some Beer Bread and wash it down with Arrogant Bastard Ale. Watch if you’re “worthy”.


Steve Tries Out #8: Dr. Jerky and Mr. Ade

On STO #8, we’re making some Wild Huckleberry Lemonade and trying some Dr. Pepper Beef Jerky. Who knew that soda would put the “jerk” in jerky?
Also, we’re open to suggestions for food products to try out! Know anything weird that you’re too afraid to try, but still wondering how it taste? We’re dumb enough saps to give it a gander! Just leave a comment here with the name of the product and we’ll look into it!

Steve Tries Out #3: Corny Chocolate Pop

It’s time for Steve & Co. Tries Out! This time on the menu, we got Popcorn Ice Cream, Crab Seasoned Popcorn, Green Tea Sodas, and Chocolate Soda! Which of these are not too shabby? More importantly, which one of these are terrible? Watch and find out!