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Steve’s Most Anticipated Titles of 2015 & More


I think 2015 is going to be one of the more hype years in gaming we’ve had in a while. Home consoles are finally getting some games worth getting, and other previously exclusive games are now also being released on PC as well. Let’s see how much work my wallet is going to be doing this year. LET’S GO!

  • Grim Fandango: Remastered – This game is one that has been on my “To Play” list for a quite a while now. Fortunately, thanks to the upcoming remastered version, now is the perfect time to finally give this much acclaimed game a shot.
  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse – I’m glad to see that the underrated “Canvas Curse” for the DS is getting a sequel. But this clay art style…it’s too much for my heart to take…HHNNNGGGG
  • Mortal Kombat X – Mortal Kombat (9) took me by surprised. Content-wise, it was one of the most fleshed out fighting games I’ve seen. The gameplay is also extremely accessible, which allowed for me to play with my more casual friends on equal footing…who am I kidding, I suck at the game. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to see how ridiculously brutal this game turns out to be.
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Android) – I know, this game has been out for a while now for PC/Mac/iPad, but I’ve been itching for a decent mobile game to play. Emphasis on ‘decent’. I can only play so much ‘Threes’. And don’t even get me started on ‘Peggle: Blast”. I’m ashamed about how many hours I sunk into Peggle Blast, so much that I just had to delete it from my home to make sure it didn’t get any worse. However, I think I’ll be OK with Hearthstone…right?
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Like Peggle Blast, I sunk a lot of hours into this game, both on the 3DS and Wii U. Thankfully, this game will have online enable for the 3DS, so hopefully, I’ll be able to find a group to go a huntin’ with.
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker – I actually have this game already, but only the original version that was released for the DS. I didn’t want to play it until I have beaten Devil Survivor: Overclocked completely…but it turns out that I never managed to that yet. Nevertheless, I’m going to finish it before this new version comes out. The version practically doubles the content, along with added voice acting as well. This tactical JRPG is a great entry point for SMT newcomers…but be forewarned, many have claimed it’s pretty tough.
  • Splatoon – I haven’t really played any shooters in 2014, aside from some Halo 4. But I didn’t play Destiny, Titanfall, or COD: Advanced Warfare. I think Splatoon should remedy that. It counts, right?
  • The Legend of Zelda (Wii U) – This could wind up being the biggest and most ambitious Zelda game yet. I just hope it turns out better than Skyward Sword.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – Like Grim Fandango (and Devil Survivor 2), this game is still on my “To Play” list. I finally got around to beating Ocarina of Time, thanks to the 3DS remake. Can’t wait to play this one.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X – Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii is an incredible game in both gameplay and scale, that I feel more people should get to play (and they’ll get the chance with the New 3DS port). But Xenoblade Chronicles X… is FLOOPING HUGE! You can battle in mechs and traverse this massive world. You can even play online with friends. This game is absolutely in my Top 3 most hyped up games…but number one can only belong to…
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – 2015 is the year of the bigger and massive sequels for great franchises. I’m not talking about the ones that churn out a game yearly, like Assassin’s Creed, but games that the gaming audience have to really wait for. And a majority of the time, the game is absolutely worth it. No game better represents this than Metal Gear Solid V. Playing Ground Zeroes has made me even more hype. The series has never felt so great to control. You are given an insane amount of freedom in regards to how you want to conduct an infiltration, with multiple ways of sneaking in or going guns ablazing. You can fulton just about anything. Of course, there’s no way I can talk about MGS without mentioning the story. This time, the story has never been grim. We’ll be witnessing the fall of Big Boss, what corrupted the world’s greatest soldier, and what led him to create Outer Heaven. I CAN NOT SUPPRESS MY HYPE LEVELS FOR THIS GAME.

Also worth mentioning is the next Zero Escape game (the ‘Virtue’s Last Reward’ sequel). As much as I want to believe the rumor, I can only get hype once we get a confirmation.

As an added bonus, Alex was kind enough to also submit his own list of anticipated games. Even though not all of the games on his list are confirmed for 2015, that doesn’t mean you can’t get hype for them!

  • MGS V
  • GTA V for PC (even though I can’t play it on max)
  • The Division
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Evolve
  • The Witcher 3
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • The Order 1886

So what are your most anticipated games? Let us know in the comments!


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Nintendo Announced its successor to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Wii.  Featuring updated graphics and unique camera angles and perspectives to allow for interesting perspectives during gameplay.  This game will also feature water levels which have plagued players since the beginning.  This game will feature vikings and viking like walruses as enemies.  This new game will also feature Dixie Kong as a playable character who has slightly different mechanics than Diddy Kong.  The Game will be released some time this year.

What Time Is It? Regular Time!


Ok, stupid article title, I’ll give you that, but let’s move on to the news shall we?  Wayforward has announced two new games in development based off of hit Cartoon Network shows Adventure Time and Regular Show.  Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Because I Don’t Know has the player exploring the secret dungeon beneath the Candy Kingdom and will not only feature multiple selectable characters, but also four person co-op and the actual voice actors from the show.  If you read my review on the last Adventure Time game, you’d know that, while a very pleasing experience for a fan of the show, in the actual gameplay department it left me wanting more, especially for the price tag that they put it at.  Hopefully Wayforward learned something and will be able to not only offer more to the game besides amazing sprite work, but also deliver it at a reasonable price.  But that’s not the only game they’ve announced, right along side it is a game announcement for it’s co-hit show, Regular Show.  Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land finds our two heroes transported inside their favorite video games and in desperate need of a way out.  No release date has been given but they are said to be released later this fall, with the Regular Show game landing on the 3DS, and the Adventure Time game landing on Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and 3DS.  As with the last game, Wayforward has stated that the creators of both shows are working very closely with Wayforward on their respective titles.


Embrace Your Turtle Power This Summer

Activision has released a trailer for a downloadable game they have planned for this summer based off of the beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.  Now some might be wondering which continuity the game is based off of, especially with what seems to be a lot of love from the media world focusing on the series lately.  Luckily it looks to be based off of the currently running Nickelodeon series instead of the known Micheal Bay film (evident by the nickelodeon logo at the end of the trailer, and the fact that they’re actually mutants, not aliens, and Megan Fox is thankfully no where to be seen), however the graphics are much more realistic than cartoonish, so I’m really only venturing a guess there.  It is possible that the only reason the nickelodeon logo is there is because nick currently holds the rights to TMNT.  The game seems to be a sort of 3D action game ala Batman’s Arkham series, though likely with much less content considering it appears to be download only, and also is apparently the first of a three game deal with Activision.  The game will be released on PSN, XBLA and PC this summer and feature online 4 player co-op.