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Mingy Jongo To Return in 2015?

The ever elusive Mingy Jongo is hinted at making a return in 2015. For those who don’t know, Mingy Jongo was the code name given to a Banjo Kazooie inspired game developed by ex-Rare employees, as detailed by series musical producer Grant Kirkhope. Grant said in a reddit AMA that a group of ex-Rare employees got together in 2012 at a pub and threw around a “promising” game idea, even going as far to come up with a character and demo level. However the project fell apart, citing lack of free time due to people’s jobs as the cause. No word has been heard of from this project, until last Wednesday that is. The twitter account assigned for the project (@MingyJongo) had been inactive since 2012, until December 24th when a single tweet went out stating “*CTRL*”. Three days later another tweet followed stating “*ALT*”, and another on December 31st stating “*DEL*”. Separately these tweets don’t mean a whole lot, what brings them together is a series of tweets made by Grant Kirkhope on December 31st. “what’s that @MingyJongo up to?”, “doesn’t *CNTRL, *ALT, *DEL …… reboot?”, and “lights blue touch paper …… stands back…… @MingyJongo” are the meaty hints being dropped by Mr. Kirkhope. Is he hinting at a revitalization of the Mingy Jongo project? Can we be expecting to hear more from the successor of one of the great Collectathons of the N64 Generation? What do you think?

Grant Kirkhope’s twitter
Mingy Jongo twitter


RUMOR: Sonic Adventure 3 Domain Names Registered

An interesting bit of news was discovered today. According to TSSZ, the following domain names have been registered.

  • domains–sonicadventure3.com
  • sonicadventure3.net
  • sonicadventure3.org
  • sonicadventure3.info
  • sonicadventure3.eu
  • sonicadventure3.fr

However, what is unusual is that the registration process is different from what Sega has previously done. So, for all we know, this could be a hoax by a random party not associated with Sega. So be wary before hyping yourself for a game that might not exist (yet).

Source: http://www.tssznews.com/2012/07/23/four-sonic-adventure-3-domains-registered-by-someone/