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Killer Instinct Takes On The F2P Model


According to an IGN preview, Killer Instinct is taking on a F2P model where it’s free to download and play, but unless you pony up some cash you’ll be stuck to a limited amount of characters…One character to be precise.  The article praises the game for being faster, having an art style that gives the characters a sort of “comic book” feel, and having simple, yet flashy, combos for the player to execute at whim.  In fact, the only thing the article does complain about is the old Killer Instinct and how “dumb” and “embarrassing” it was.  It goes on to mention that Killer Instinct is “a day-one digital-only release on Xbox One, and features — get this — one character. Jago is free to play on launch day. Everyone else — unspecified returning characters as well as original fighters — will cost money. Price is to-be-determined (of course).”  The F2P model has had a big boom in gaming lately, citing many MMOs and popular MOBAs taking on the plan, however is it something that should necessarily be used for something like a fighting game?  I guess only time will tell when Killer Instinct launches for the Xbox One later this year.


Killer Instinct: Exclusive for XBox One

Something that fighting fans have been waiting for for a long time. Killer Instinct as a XBox One exclusive has been announced.  While the video was short and the only a few characters were revealed, if the combat and the announcer were anything to go by, this game will be a throwback with the same over the top style and ridiculousness as the original.  I’m going to be keeping my eye on this one.

Continuation: They just showed a quick match on stage, but the fight was so scripted and one sided that I didn’t gain much more from the gameplay than from the trailer.