“Legend of Zelda” Show in the Works for Netflix

The line-up for Netflix’s original programming just got a bit nerdy (as if the Marvel shows, like Daredevil, wasn’t enough.) The Wall Street Journal reported that Netflix is working closely with Nintendo on developing a Live-Action show based on the Legend of Zelda video game series. Currently, the show is only in its early stage of development, and Netflix are looking for some writers to recruit.

According to a Netflix representative, the show is going to be similar to “Game of Thrones” but appropriate for kids and families.

Any hopes or ideas you guys have in the show? For instance, what if every season covered a different Zelda game? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on ““Legend of Zelda” Show in the Works for Netflix”

  1. I was a fan of the cartoon series, it was so much better than the Super Mario Super Show. I don’t foresee the new live action Zelda being good. Of course no matter how good or bad a show is, its always a hit. I think there are too many people in the world now for anything to not be a hit. I think an interesting question is what age demographic will they shoot for?


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