League of Legends Preseason 4

Most people will already know this, but the 3rd season of League of Legends has come to a close, which means your ranking from last season has already been locked in.  More importantly though, it means that it’s time for some patches, and I mean big patches. This preseason 4 patch launched 11/21 in the US and so far has been incredibly controversial.

One of the main reasons for all the controversy in this patch is that many people feel that it has eliminated or really caused the jungler to become unnecessary.  Not only were the jungle camps made harder plus the addition of an extra neutral monster, but duo lane supports gold generation was increased so drastically that jungler’s are having a hard time fitting into the new meta.

Besides some of the basic jungle changes, new items and “tokens” have been added into the game. Tokens are reusable items that, while very temporary in their time on the map, allow for free wards, sentry wards, or clairvoyance uses by non support characters.  This is a very welcome addition that will allow low level players to get a feel for using wards and increasing vision, which is an issue many people have while learning.  The other big addition was the 3 new support tree items. All of these new items are replacing the old gold generation items and allowing for a very simple way of getting your supports farmed as well.

These items are:

ancient coin -> nomads medallion -> talisman of ascension

spelltheif’s edge -> frostfang -> Frost Queen’s Claim

relic shield -> targon’s brace -> Face of the Mountain

All these items are extremely strong at gold generation and are the main reasons why junglers are falling out of favor. Many people also feel that targon’s brace on both ad carry and support because of the insane strength in lane of that item in particular.  The last two big changes as well were the introduction of new mastery trees, as well as the One For All mode, in which each team can only play one champion.  It’s not competitive in the least, but it is fun.  We’ll have to see if these changes are modified before season 4 really begins.

As an extra note, Brad and I will be playing and recording some matches for league in the future to get you guys an idea about some of the changes going on.  While we are not experts in the least, it should be fun. So look forward to that.


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