League of Legends: Season 3 World Championship


This is for all the marbles!

It’s been being built up over the course of the summer, and it’s finally here. The League of Legends Season 3 World Championship.  This event, taking place in the Los Angeles will take place from Sept 15th – 17th for the group stages, and the finals will take later on in October.  Teams from all over the world have arrived solely for the sake of being named the best team in the World, but that $1,000,000 prize doesn’t hurt.

All the major gaming regions of the world are being represented by  this tournament, with even international teams from all over the world competed for a spot as the international wildcard team which resulted in Lituanian Gaming Gear.EU taking home the spot from Brazil’s Pain Gaming to secure their spot in the group stages.

Meanwhile in North America, the LCS has been taking place and has been covered on this site. Qualifying directly to the Quarterfinals was NA powerhouse Cloud 9 which dominated the NA scene all summer split.  But you can’t count out fan favorite TSM as well as Vulcun which has been demonstrating their power as an NA team as of lately.  Many people feel that the NA will stand a much better chance after their very disappointing showing last year, with no team making it past even the second round.  Will Cloud 9 show their dominance to other regions, or will TSM show that the season 1 and 2 veterans are veterans for a reason.

Cloud 9, was their NA destruction enough preparation?

Similar to the NA LCS, Europe has been having a tournament in the same format, for teams across Europe.  But after long insane contests, competing for those last spots, 3 teams have finally emerged from the EU region.  The winners of the EU LCS was season 1 winners Fnatic, and even though they had a rough season 2, not even qualifying for the tournament, they’ve been back in force this year, winning the EU spring split and the summer split as well.  Other teams will be season 2 Russian favorites, Gambit Gaming (formerly Moscow 5), as well as new competition in Lemon Dogs who were able to take 1st place in group stages in the EU LCS.   While many people have commented that the EU scene seems to have fallen behind other regions, but can Fnatic prove the other regions wrong.


Lastly though, even though it is broken up into a few regions, many people know it as one overall area that has dominated almost every eSport since their creation.  The Asian scene took such control of Season 2, that many people still feel, they are the heavy favorites of season 3 already.  Taking their spot in the Season 3 quarter finals already are Taiwan region champions, the Gamania Bears, the Korean Circuit 1st place finishers Najin Black Sword, and Chinese Royal Club Huang Zu.  But, even as terrifying as these teams are going to be, the teams that qualified for the group stages are just as scary.  Samsung Galaxy Ozone and SK Telecom T1 are teams that have set the meta’s for the rest of the world and have such talented players that many people are already calling them the winners of their group stages.  Lastly, we have SEA champions, Mineski and Chinese Runner Up’s OMG.  Asia will again be really strong this year, but are these praises premature, or will they again extend their reign of terror.

Worst Team Name Ever? Doesn’t Matter If They Win

The League of Legends Season 3 Championship is a big deal even if you’re not a big fan of the game for one reason.  League of Legends creators Riot are the front runner on trying to get eSports accepted as an accepted event/sport.  With the finals taking place in the Staples Center as an actual arena, with sold out tickets to the event, and prize pools in the millions, and all this taking place after actual seasons like a normal sport, maybe this will be the even that really does put eSports in the limelight.  Either way, stay tuned to see how things turn out.  Streams available on twitch.tv and youtube.

Group Stages

Group A:


SK Telecom T1

Team Solomid



Group B:

Gambit Gaming

Samsung Galaxy Ozone

Team Vulcan




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