Dark Soul 2 North & South America Beta Details


Have a PS3? Been anxious to try out Dark Soul II? Well, I got good news for you! Starting in mid-October, North and South American PS3 owners can participate in the Dark Souls II beta! Need details on how to join? Don’t worry, Steve’s got chu. I SAID I GOTCHU.
-There is no registration required for the Dark Souls II Network Test in North and South America.
-Select players will receive a message from Sony Computer Entertainment America through the PlayStation 3 XMB with a download code prior to the Network Test.
-The Dark Souls II Network Test will be available on a first-come, first-served basis with a limited number of participants allowed.
-The initial Dark Souls II Network Testing round that commences on 10/12 will accommodate up to 5000 players; a larger participant pool will be opened for a later testing round on 10/26.
-More information will be shared in the future regarding the timing of the XMB messages and the Network Test download availability. Please stay tuned on Facebook and on http://darksoulsii.com/us/


3 thoughts on “Dark Soul 2 North & South America Beta Details”

  1. I’m not entirely sure what this means. Are we supposed to just enter into the beta by just waiting for a random message sent to us? So then, does that mean that this is random?


    1. For NA it certainly seems that way, much like many other beta’s the people selected are chosen at random based on who signed up, it’s just that in this case the sign up is simply having a NA psn account


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