Playstation Vita TV and Vita 2000 Series Announced


We got two big Playstation Vita related reveals today. First off, we got the Playstation Vita TV, a miniature home console version of the Vita that you can play on your TV. The Vita TV will be able to play retail copies of Vita games, along with download versions of Vita and PSP games. The system will use Dual Shock 3 controllers, and will connect to a TV through HDMI. Not all Vita games will be compatible with Vita TV, especially ones that heavily uses the Vita’s touchscreen feature. Also, the Vita TV console can be used for Remote Play with the Playstation 4. Currently, it’s only been confirmed to be released in Japan : 9,954 yen for just the console, or set with a controller and storage card for 14,995 yen (about $100 and $150 respectively).

Here’s a list of the games currently confirmed to be compatible with the Vita (Note: the listings are mostly in Japanese)

Secondly, a multicolored revision of the Vita has been announced. This wifi-only model is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the original Vita. The new model also replaces the original Vita’s OLED screen with a LCD screen. Other revisions into a micro-USB slot for saving back-ups and charging, a 6 hour battery life, and a battery life/notification indicator on the top. It will also come with a 1GB memory. The system will come in the following colors: black, white, lime green, light blue, pink and khaki. The PCH-2000 will be released in Japan on October 10th for 19,929 yen (about $200).


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