Pokemon Nintendo Direct Recap

If you’re one of the people who missed the NIntendo Direct this morning on Pokemon X and Y (like us), here’s a quick recap of what you missed.  The first news they shared was about two apps they are developing alongside the game called Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transfer.  Pokemon Bank allows players to store pokemon in their game online, similarly to the PC boxes that are found in every Pokemon game.  With this method of storing, you can have over 3,000 Pokemon stored between your game and your online storage, all ready to be pulled out and added to your team at any time.  To use Pokemon Bank, you will need to pay an annual subscription fee to maintain your boxes.  Pokemon Transfer is a tool you will use in conjunction with Pokemon Bank to transfer your pokemon from Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, or White 2.  When you use the application with either of those games in the game slot, you can send your pokemon from the game to Pokemon Bank, and then from Pokemon Bank you can transfer them back into your Pokemon X or Pokemon Y games.  You will need an active Pokemon Bank to use Pokemon Transfer, and it seems this it the only way to move those old Pokemon.  The second bit of news is in regards to the starters you get at the beginning of the game.  In the past, you would get to choose your starter when you met the Pokemon Professor of that game, but in Pokemon X/Y, your first Pokemon is actually given to you by your friend.  It is here that you get to choose between the Pokemon X and Y starters, Chespin, Fenniken, and Froakie.  However, once you meet the Pokemon Professor, you get the choice of ANOTHER starter, this time from the Gen 1 selection.  That’s right, you’ll be able to choose between Bulbasuar, Charmander, and Squirtle, and each one of them have their own Mega Evolution upon reaching their final form.  If you add this in with the special Torchic you can get upon the game’s release, you can essentially have a team that covers the three basic starter types right from the start of the game.  The last piece of info shared is that the special edition Pokemon X and Y 3DS XL’s that were announced for Japan are coming to the US and Europe on October 27th.  If you want to see this information for yourself, we’ve added the videos to this post.


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