Tekken X Street Fighter Still Alive, Namco Swears It!

Hey guys, remember Street Fighter X Tekken? Remember what a rousing success it was with it’s gem system and disc-locked DLC and “Megaman”?  Good times huh?  Remember back when it was first announced, and they also announced Tekken X Street Fighter, the Namco developed counterpart to the game that would play more like Tekken?  Can you believe it’s been three years since it was announced and we’ve heard nothing from it?  Well, according to Namco, the game is still in development, so you don’t have to worry about that!  Series producer Katsuhiro Harada states that the game is still in development, and the team is waiting for the right time to release information about the game.  He says there were multiple reasons why they didn’t release any info, one of which being Street Fighter X Tekken actually releasing.  Harada also adds that Street Fighter X Tekken brought forth a new audience, one not interested in either of the titular fighters (yeah, that’d have to be the case for you to actually like that game, am I right?), and they want to nurture that audience instead of throwing out Tekken X Street Fighter while they’re still enjoying Street Fighter X Tekken.  While I suppose it’s good to hear that the game is still in development, and we can only hope it’s not nearly as big a mess as it’s brother, there’s one fallacy in his statements that throws me off: People actually enjoyed Street Fighter X Tekken? (If you’re curious about Steve’s attitude towards Street Fighter X Tekken, you can watch our review of it above, and harken back to the days of shitty intros and shittier skits *Mr Caffeine time noises*)



One thought on “Tekken X Street Fighter Still Alive, Namco Swears It!”

  1. As someone who used to be a member of the FGC, I can say there were many things that SFxT did right…which was consumed by the enormous amount of things which were retarded. Even after 3 years of development, I just can’t see TxSF being any good. Granted, I’ve never been a huge 3D figther fan, maybe Namco can pull one together.


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