StreetPass Relay Points Now at North America Nintendo Zones


For those of you unable to get a Streetpass as frequently as you might like, maybe this will help you out. Launched officially today, all Nintendo Zone locations (which include Simon Malls, McDonald’s, Best Buys, etc) will have Streetpass Relay Points. These will allow you to receive the streetpass information of the person who last visited that location, while also saving your streetpass info for the next person to arrive there. Perhaps now, I can finish up those Mii Plaza Puzzle Panels.

Nintendo’s Official Announcement:

Now you can get StreetPass™ data from other players at Nintendo Zone locations all across North America. When a Nintendo 3DS™ user gets near a StreetPass Relay Point and has the StreetPass feature enabled, it will automatically store his/her StreetPass data temporarily and then send it on to the next Nintendo 3DS user to visit that same location who has the same game(s). 1, 2

This new service will make it much easier to get special content for StreetPass-enabled games such as Fire Emblem Awakening and Animal Crossing™: New Leaf. And, if you’ve activated StreetPass Mii Plaza, you’ll also be able to collect puzzle pieces and play new games such as Mii Force and Monster Manor, which are available for purchase in StreetPass Mii Plaza.

Carry your Nintendo 3DS system with you in Sleep Mode while you’re out and about and see what happens! Try it out today at a Nintendo Zone near you.

For additional information, please visit our support page.

  1. You must have your 3DS updated to system version 6.2.0-xU or higher to take advantage of the StreetPass Relay Point service.

  2. You will not receive any StreetPass data from the relay station if you are the first person to pass it with whatever game you currently have inserted or if the relay station currently has your StreetPass data.

  3. Your wireless home network cannot be set up as a StreetPass Relay Point.



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