The International 3: ESports Puts on its Big Boy Pants


Sitting in a dark room, a bag of Cheetos on one side, and a big ass bottle of mountain dew on the other.  In front of you, a world of heroes and monsters, duking it out to destroy the “ancient”.  This is how many people remember the original DOTA, what many people consider to be the grandfather of the entire MOBA genre.  This game however has involved since then and DOTA 2 has been released, and now, this game is occasionally enjoyed in a much larger setting.

The international 3 is the world championship of DOTA 2 and will take place from August 7 – 11th.  16 teams, invitation only, will compete against each other in a slugfest for the first place position.  The International 3 is taking place in Seattle near valve headquarters and currently holds the record for the largest prize pool for an eSports tournament at 2.8 million for the total pool.  To put that in perspective, 1st place will take home a whopping 1.36 million and 2nd place, a none too shabby, 598 K.  You know a tournament is huge though, when 7th and 8th place both take home 41 K each.  When you get anything less than 3rd in most events, you get laughed at; here, 8th place sends you home with almost 10 K a person.  And everyone knows, things tend to get intense with that kind of money on the line.

This past weekend, the prelims for this tournament have already taken place with all 16 teams, broken up into 2 groups. Each played 2 games against each other team in their group in a round robin fashion.  The top 4 of each group start in the winner’s bracket, and the bottom 4 have to fight their way out of the losers bracket.

Deal with it Asia

One of the biggest surprises is that Europe is currently in the lead with 3 out of 4 teams with the top records coming out of the group stages.  Na’vi, winners of TI1 and runner-ups of TI2, are showing that the old guard hasn’t lost its edge.  Winning group A, going 11-3 with XBOCT playing his carry weaver the majority of the games and being a terror like he used to be known for.  Group B however was a bloodbath, with one team holding up its grizzly trophies of the rest of their opponents.  Alliance, formerly No TideHunter went 14-0 in group B and steamrolled through all of their games with incredibly play from every lane, but notably, their carry player, LODA had the highest kill count of any player in the tournament.


Asia, not to be outdone however, has put up a strong showing as usual, holding all other winner bracket spots.  They haven’t looked quite as good as they have in the past. Team Invictus Gaming (winners of TI2) barely squeaked by into winner’s bracket by the skin of their teeth.  Most people say that Orange and DK are Asia’s best bet for winning the tournament, but only if they can get past Na’vi and Alliance who both recently competed in Asian tournaments and won them respectively.

Never count out Murica

Sadly, the two American teams have both been relegated to the loser’s bracket after both narrowly missing a winner’s bracket spot.  Team Dignitas lost a tiebreaker game against for their spot, and Team Liquid missed the cutoff by only 1 win.  Hope is not lost however, as they are still in the tournament, and stranger things have happened.

The International 3 is one of the biggest eSport events in years, and even if you’re not a fan of DOTA 2 or MOBA’s in general, I highly recommend tuning in at some point.  These will be the most exciting matches that happen all year. It’s also incredibly exciting to see the top level play of any game.  Watching the International 2 last year, is actually what got me interested in DOTA in general.

International 3 Preliminary Results



Na’vi: 11-3 (Europe) Invictus Gaming: 8-6 (Asia) 8-6 (Asia) Orange: 8-6 (Asia)
DK: 10-4 (Asia) TongFu: 8-6 (Asia)
Zenith: 6-8 (Asia) 5-9 (International)
MUFC: 0-14 (Asia) RattleSnake: 3-11 (Asia)
Dignitas: 8-6 (USA) Liquid: 7-7 (USA)
Mouz: 4-10 (Europe) Alliance: 14-0 (Europe)
Fnatic: 9-5 (Europe) Virtus Pro: 3-11 (Europe)

International 3 Tournament Matches

Winner’s Bracket

Loser’s Bracket

Na’vi vs. Orange Dignitas vs. RattleSnake
TongFu vs. Fnatic vs. Mouz
Alliance vs. Liquid vs. MUFC
DK vs. Invictus Gaming Zenith vs. Virtus Pro

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