PSA: Drunk Streaming!


Hey everyone! Tomorrow, Tuesday August 6th, we’re going to be trying something a little different with streaming.  Instead of just random streaming, we’ve got a theme, and that theme is Bar Fights!  Ok, we don’t really have a theme, we just want to fuel our secret alcoholism and play some good ole beat em ups.  So join your hosts, Brad and Andrew of NUReviews, and a couple of their select friends as they drink and fight their way through hoards of unfairly sober enemies.  We’ll be playing the newly released Dragons Crown, and when that becomes too much of a challenge, we’ll move on to Castle Crashers and Scott Pilgrim Vs The World!  We’ll be starting sometime around 8:30 (we believe), but for a more accurate time be sure to check our facebook page (and if you haven’t liked it, like it! We’ve still got our 3DS eShop Card/Professor Layton giveaway going).  After tomorrow our regularly scheduled streaming schedule should resume, so tune in as this may be a once in a life time opportunity (although probably not, cause we like to make fools of ourselves).


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