Netflix To The Max Comes To PS3

Netflix has always been the powerhouse for instant title streaming on your computer, Xbox 360, PS3, or even some DVD players, and if you’re anything like me you’ve probably had trouble deciding what to watch.  You’ll browse through 100’s of listed titles but nothing seems just right, if only Netflix had a better suggestion method, something far more “Straight to the point” than just throwing titles at your face, right?  Well than wait no longer, for if you’re a PS3 owner then you’ll be able to start using Netflix’s new app, Max, starting today.  Max, developed by the guys behind the You Don’t Know Jack game, is a suggestion app that suggests a Netflix title based off your preferences and various other information.  The app could ask you to choose a category then rate some titles to get your suggestion, to choose a specific actor, or even to choose one of Netflix’s numerous tags.  Once you’ve done one of these, Max will recommend a title for you, and you can either watch it right away, get a 30 second pitch from the voice of Max himself, or get another recommended title.  Eventually Max might know you so well, that he’ll just offer you a mystery title that he’ll think you’ll like.  You get no information on this title, it’s either watch or move along.  Currently there are plans for introducing different ways for Max to recommend titles and plans to bring it to all platforms, but for now you’ll only be able to experience Max if you own a PS3.


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