DC Infinite Crisis: A New Moba Experience


After the enormous success of the MOBA genre of recent years, more and more companies are throwing their eggs into the MOBA basket, and many are shallow copies with boring gimmicks.  The real question now, is a DC MOBA going to be a breath of fresh air….or is it going to be just one more stale sniff.  This is where Warner Bros. and Turbine comes in as they try to do the popular DC universe justice.

Access to this Beta is available only to those who apply and get accepted, and even then, it’s only available on certain weekends, so I personally haven’t been able to spend an inordinate amount of time with this game.  So all opinions that I’m presenting are based on my time with the game.  The first thing that most people will enjoy hearing, is that this game is taking on the similar business mechanic as League of Legends in that it is free to play and that you can buy all heroes with in game money, but skins and characters if desired can be bought with real life currency.  The lineup as of now includes: Gaslight Batman, Gaslight Joker, Gaslight Catwoman, Zatana, Shazam, The Flash, Green Lantern, Nightmare Batman, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Cyborg, Doomsday, and the Joker.  This alone means that the roster has the potential to be quite large given that they’ve already included alternate universe characters and haven’t even included series favorites such as Superman, and Regular Batman.  But now, it is gameplay time.

Gameplay: The first thing you will notice about this game, is that currently, it is only a Dominion style “capture the points” game type.  They have announced that they are working very hard on a standard map, and that they figured that Dominion would be simpler to just pick up and play for the beta.   The game itself is fairly responsive with the only issue being that some of the abilities seem to be weird to activate.  It’s a semi-smart cast system, where skill shots are cast by pressing the button associated with the skill and it is shot towards your cursor position on the screen. But some abilities don’t seem to go off properly as cast.  I had an especially hard time with Gaslight Batman’s Ultimate and a few of Doomsday’s moves.  They might have been temporary glitches, but in the middle of intense fights, it can be really frustrating and game breaking.  There is a nice mix of character types with “Will” characters and Ranged AD Carries, as well as the standard support types and bruisers.  You can also tell that from the types of abilities that are present, it’s much more league of legends type moves where you can’t screw over your own teammates, but you also won’t have the same level of creativity that Dota moves seem to have.  The new “feature” of Infinite Crisis is that you can also choose to level up you passives, which considering always seem to add additional effects to your other moves, seems like a decent addition, if not a semi-shallow one.  Lastly, similar to LOL, Infinite Crisis has two select able “summoner spells” which are two spells that are universal to all characters that have longer cooldowns.  Most seem to be the standard fair of shields, or speed boosts or teleports, but some are more interesting like the Camera you can place like a ward, and the explode, consume, and throw spells all which allow you to detonate or heal off of cars and smaller items in the environment.

Items: One of the things that Infinite Crisis has going for it is that the items it has to work with are already vast, because they have access to weapons and items that comic book characters already use, such as Deathstrokes blade and Lobo’s Chain.  Things like this seem to add a nice flavor with the items giving stats that you would associate with the character who uses them.  The issue with this system, is that you only upgrade the items once you buy them, which doesn’t allow you to switch up your build on the fly, because components don’t exist.  The other major issue is that the store is fairly confusing, so until you really spend the time, you are just going to buy the recommended items in the exact order that they specify.

Graphics and Audio: One of the things that I realized about this game, is that the audio is nice but not spectacular.  The reason that I say this, is that it’s one of those games where as soon as you stop playing, you don’t remember a single audio moment from the game.  It’s not bad, but its not very memorable.  The voice acting is decent though and sounds fairly good.  As for graphics, they are fairly well done, going for a middle ground between Dota and LOL, where the graphics are more serious and less cartoony than LOL, but not as grim and dark I would say as Dota.  Also, the “creeps” have been replaced with little robots, which fits a little more, but the details on them isn’t spectacular and I find them boring to look at.  The character design is nice though, which good particles and aesthetic for each character, so that as you’re playing green lantern, you really feel like green lantern.  The only issue I have is that the camera seems a little far out, which is an issue sometimes as the model is difficult to see.

Overall, I really think that Infinite Crisis has a lot of potential.  If they add a standard game type and add more characters, bring the roster up to at least 40 or so, this game could be quite the little gem for fans of MOBA’s who just want a little something fun and interesting to play with.  There are some gameplay issues and some concepts that need flushing out, but hopefully the beta will cause some polishing and fine tuning.  Not perfect by any means, but something that I have some hopes for.


4 thoughts on “DC Infinite Crisis: A New Moba Experience”

  1. I believe this is where Andrew and I have different views, as my time with the beta crushed my hopes for the game. During my time with the game I wasn’t impressed with anything it had to offer me, my biggest gripe being the spell casting system. I was left unimpressed by the audio AND the graphics, and nothing really seemed changed from any other MOBA I’ve experienced. I remember when it was announced that they said that you’d have the ability to customize heroes, giving someone like the flash super strength or Catwoman super speed, and I loved the idea of that but was disappointed that it came out only to be Summoner Spells essentially. There was a lot of potential for this game, but from what I’ve seen all of it seems to have been wasted :/


    1. I agree that the controls took a little to get used to and think some of the controls may be bugged in general. As for the customization, I think what they are doing is not quite as great as it sounded, but I feel then it wouldn’t be a moba, it would be “City of Heroes”. Just my opinion I guess.


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