What’s Behind The Door? This Reminds Me Of A Riddle…


Man, Level-5 sure do love their mysterious hints.  Taking a page from their “What’s in the box?” site from a couple months back (which was quickly revealed to be about the new set of Guild 002 games coming to the Nintendo eShop), Level-5 has put up another mysterious website titled “Beyond The Door”.  When you navigate to the website, you’ll simply find a black door, when you click on it, it’ll open to reveal another black door, clicking again will bring you to this new door and it repeats onwards.  After clicking enough times, you’ll find a spy glass, clicking the spy glass and then clicking the door will reveal the new image below


Quite obviously that is the Professor Layton logo in purple, and the start of a letter.  From my best deductions, it looks like the letter M, which brings up the question as to what it could be referring to.  Obviously it’s not Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, nor can it be Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, so what is it?  Could it be related to Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask?  It’s the only Professor Layton game I know of that starts with an M, or maybe it’s a new Professor Layton film?  Well, likely it’s neither.  The likely answer is that it’s a western release of the iOS game Layton Brothers: Mystery Room.  The game follows Alphendi Layton, Hershal Layton’s son, as he works with Scotland Yard to solve crimes.  Looks like we’ll still be waiting a long while before we get that holy ark that is Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright



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