Week One of LCS NA Recap

For those that aren’t aware, League of Legends is the largest eSport in the world.  Riot, is currently trying to adapt this game to be similar to actual sports systems with salaried teams and weekly matches between them.  The result is the League Championship Series in both North America and Europe.  The LCS is split up into 2 portions, the spring split and the summer split.  The spring split finished up a little while ago with Season 2 champions Team Solo Mid claiming First Place.  After the split, 2 new teams qualified for the spring split and were able to bump off two old teams. The current roster of NA Teams is: Team Solo Mid, Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming, Curse, Vulcan, Coast, Cloud 9, and Velocity.

Now that that is all summed up, the summer split opened up with a bang starting off with a “super week”, which means that over 3 days, each team took part in 5 games as a sort of initial surge for rankings.  There were concerns for many of the teams coming into this super week as a result of numerous roster changes on long standing teams as well as the pressure to be put on the new teams that had never competed in the LCS before.  Unfortunately, It was those giants from the spring split, who seemed to begin toppling.  Curse who was incredibly successful in the spring split dropped 4 of its 5 games.  This is most likely a result of them having a new support player brought on the team the day before the LCS tournament, but it has really put Curse on it’s back foot.  There were also growing pains in CLG, only winning 2 of its 5 games.  Newcomer Velocity also struggled, doing well in the majority of the games, but still only picking up 1 win.  The real surprise though, was Cloud 9, the other newcomer team showing up everyone and going undefeated in super week and really shocking the LCS.  Only time will tell if they can keep it up.


TSM: 3W/2L

Dignitas: 2W/3L

CLG: 2W/3L

Curse: 1w/4L

Vulcan: 3W/2L

Coast: 3W/2L

Cloud 9: 5w/0L

Velocity: 1W/4L

The NA LCS will be returning next week and the EU LCS Super Week will begin soon.



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