Some New Info on Smash Bros 4: No More Tripping, No DLC Planned, Simultaneous Release Unlikely

Got some reports on details about the new Smash Bros games for ya. First off, Masahiro Sakurai got a lot of feed back in regards to ‘tripping’ on Twitter. Tripping, for those who don’t know, was an annoying mechanic which caused players to randomly trip while fighting. So Sakurai confirmed that this will not be featured in the two new Smash Bros games.

Next off, Sakurai has also confirmed that there are currently no plans for DLC. Here’s a quote from IGN:

“At the current time we have no plans. I consider my job at this point, and my main responsibility, to make the Wii U and 3DS versions the best and the fullest experience possible. That said, once finished, it’s the type of thing we could take into consideration, but for now, you could consider DLC as not being in the cards.”

One of the aspects that makes Sakurai’s games great is that they are jam-packed with content. It will take you a while to find and unlock everything the game has to offer, which, in my opinion, is part of the allure of his games. But having the option for DLC characters, stages, and more would be great. An ever evolving Smash Bros game would make this an enticing game for any Smash fan.

Finally, Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS may not be released at the same time due to some technical challenges. According to IGN, this issue is “particularly with the 3DS facing some challenges in terms of how to accommodate characters that incorporate more than one fighter, such as the Ice Climbers.” I’m not trying to start a rumor or something, but note that they were referring to characters, not only the Ice Climbers, meaning we might be seeing other playable duos. Don’t quote me on this, I just may have been looking too much into that.



2 thoughts on “Some New Info on Smash Bros 4: No More Tripping, No DLC Planned, Simultaneous Release Unlikely”

  1. I’m just so thankful Sakurai listened to the fans’ frustrations with tripping. It was a ridiculous mechanic and I feel it had no place in the game (and I don’t even play competitively). But that’s gone. Though I’m worried the 3DS version may not be all it’s cracked up to be. As long as it offers a portable Smash experience, even one that’s a bit different, I’m happy. Just not TOO different.


    1. I’ll agree with you there, any form of portable Smash is a good form in my opinion. I am actually of a rare breed where I wouldn’t mind a drastic game changer when it came to the 3DS version’s gameplay. I would have loved a more 3D-battle arena type Smash ala Kid Icarus Uprising or Anarchy Reigns, but it’s obvious we won’t be getting that. I’m pleased either way, this is essentially what fans have been asking for since the advent of the series.


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