Titanfall Revealed

Titanfall has been revealed for the Xbox One.  The game seems to be a first person shooter that involves free running, jet packs, and giant mechs.  Will take advantage of the cloud computing on the Xbox One.  From the looks of it it seems to be a multiplayer shooter experience, possibly on par with MAG on the PS3.  Jetpacks allow the players boosted jumps to traverse environments better.  Players can call down mechs called Titans and pilot them, giving them heavier fire power and even what appears to be telekinetic shields, though likely at the cost of not being able to capture objectives.  If you’re in a Titan that is about to explode, you can eject from it, launching you high into the air and giving you the opportunity to land on your opponents Titan and take it out.  Titanfall will launch exclusively on Xbox One in the Spring of 2014.


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