Star Wars Battlefront 3 [Updated with Teaser]

During the EA press conference, we saw a brief message that elicited quite a few cheers from the crowd.  The return of the Star Wars Battlefront series, under producer Dice.  That’s all we saw at the time, but it is exciting news after the last generation of consoles heard no word from that series at all.


One thought on “Star Wars Battlefront 3 [Updated with Teaser]”

  1. Even though it was an extremely short and pre-rendered teaser trailer, I am still beyond hyped for this game. I still play Battlefront 2 with friends on my original Xbox from time to time, and I know I’ll be putting a lot of hours into this when it releases.

    I also feel pretty confident it will add new features without ruining the core gameplay since it’s being made by DICE. They have a fairly food track record so far. I say that despite some gamers’ disappointment in Battlefield 3.


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