New Xbox 360 Designs Priced


The newly designed Xbox 360, which was not only announced today but is also available now, is priced at the exact same price point as current Xbox 360s.  For $200 you can get a 4GB model, for $300 you can get a 250GB model, and for $300 you can get a 4GB model with a Kinect.  So essentially you’re paying the same amount for a system that will be outdated in 5 months by a console that looks exactly like it.  And besides, at this point, you can get a much better deal on an Xbox 360 if you’re still on the fence about buying one.  As a reminder from July through the launch of the Xbox One, Xbox live Gold members can download two games a month for free, starting with halo 3 and Assassins Creed 2 in July, and (reportedly) at this time you can get Fable 3 for free by going to purchase it with Microsoft Points instead of real dollars.



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