DeadRising 3 Announced

Announced just now at the Microsoft E3 conference, DeadRising 3 will be released for the Xbox One.  With the power of the Xbox One, the worlds are bigger, the number of zombies is larger, and the game is grander.  The player will be able to craft weapons like before, however this time it’s on the fly in real time, similar to Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us.  The graphics certainly seem more gritty then the previous, more cartoony look, of previous entries in the series.  There are 100’s of different weapons that you can customize into new weapons at any time, such as a Chainsaw attached to a rod that you can chuck like a javelin, splitting zombies in twine.  World is big enough to allow vehicular movement, but zombies can still get you even when you’re driving.  With the use of Smartglass you can call in things like Artillery Strikes to clear out massive hordes of zombies.  Deadrising 3 will be available this holiday exclusively for the Xbox One.


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