Make More Tough Decisions In 400 Days


Found deep in the dark chasms of the Steam Database (ok, not that deep) a listing has been posted for Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead game, a listing that specifically states oncoming DLC.  The DLC appears to be titled “400 Days”, but that’s about the only information we have right now, keyword “about”.  Along with this DLC posting in the database, Telltale has recently published 4 short clips, no more then 10 seconds long each, that hint at the characters that might be involved in this 400 Days DLC.  The videos (aptly titled Day 2, Day 220, Day 184, and Day 236) show someone putting pictures and names of people up onto a “Missing” board, each of these four people are new faces that we have had no experience with in the first season of The Walking Dead game.  In the latest two videos, Day 184 and Day 236, the video cuts very briefly to a partial message written in bright numbers, which when put together says “400”.  We’ve known for a while that there would be some form of content before Season 2 of the game is released, and it looks like we’ll finally know the details of what that content is shortly, possibly even during E3 week.



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