Sony posts first annual profits since 2008

It only wants to eat games like the XBox 360.
It’s like it literally eats money.

The New York Times has reported that Sony has finally made a profit. Sony has made an annual profit of $435 million USD, or 43 billion Yen. This doesn’t even begin to recoup losses the year earlier: 456.7 billion Yen. It’s rather tragic for the company that has been slowly declining in electronics sales. Samsung overtook the Bravia in sales, Nintendo sold more hardware in the handheld market (and the Wii prints money), and the Walkman brand might as well be dead if it isn’t already.

Still, this marks hope for the company. The Playstation 4 should have it’s debut soon, and hopefully the company won’t have to sell it at too big of a loss. The success of it could build the company back up or very well break it. The PSVita isn’t overtaking tablet, phone, or 3DS sales any time soon.


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