EA has made a deal with Disney for the Star Wars rights


EA and Disney have made a press release announcing a multi-year contract dictating the future of Star Wars games. There is hope from this deal; EA could finish titles like the one shown in this video and Star Wars: 1313. DICE could be forced to make the next Battlefront instead of Bad Company 3 (which either situation would be good for us).

Yet the past tells us to worry. EA is still known as the killer of companies. Star Wars: The Old Republic was quickly dubbed, “TORtanic”, and is could be speculated as the reason why the Bioware founders took an early retirement. Battlefield 3 was a travesty with it’s browser menus and Facebook-lite friend system. EA has won Consumerist’s Worst Company of the Year 2012 and 2013 for their crimes in the past.

The company could be seeing a brighter day with the recent shake up of management and this license in hand. Star Wars sells. If they do release a halfway decent game, my wallet will already be forfeit; the EA symbol caused me to boycott in the past, but the opportunity to live a childhood dream is too much.

Expect stock in EA to finally crawl back up in price in coming months.


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