The Movement #1 Review

The Social Justice supergroup coming to a tumblr near you.

If this comic was supposed to get me to side with the Movement themselves, it failed. Horribly.

This is going to be rife with spoilers for the first issue. I’m still trying the Green Team in hopes of a story covering the venture capitalists of the DC world, but unless this is shoved in my face it’s not being touched.

The issue starts with a teenage girl being sexually harassed, soon to be assaulted, by two corrupt cops in Coral City. They’re stopped because they’re being recorded by several members of “Channel M” who all wear this mask:

Channel M Face


The only likable character, the police chief of Coral City, catches wind of this from the news and starts the usual, lawful procedures against the two cops. It’s later mentioned that the cops are protected by being union members, but that doesn’t mean the case is closed; it just has to go through city council first, and with video evidence against them it won’t be easy to defend.

The police chief starts investigating a murder case near a church while the suspect is still in the area. The Movement comes in to defend the suspect (because he’s mentally ill and super-powered), rejects the authority of the police, and has rats eat up one of the dead bodies to destroy evidence.

It was preachy, the art looked a bit rushed, and it made me dislike the entire team of heroes. Other comics have attempted what it’s trying to do, and have done it better. This is especially true for non-big-two comics from the past three decades, but even true for DC itself. Did you want a team with some diversity in it instead of the usual? Earth 2 has that, and it actually makes sense given that the scope of their problems are actually worldwide.  Did you want social justice or confrontation of social issues? The Invisibles did a better job tackling, “the system,” and Y: The Last Man did a spectacular commentary on third-wave feminism.

This is just the beginning for The Movement, though. It could get better. So far, however, I care for none of the heroes, dislike two of the police force, and feel sorry for the police chief that is left to handle everything. Now that a Joker event tie-in, and Batman, isn’t there to sell the title, it’s a wonder if it’ll still sell in six issues.



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