Public Service Announcement: Injustice: King of NUR Edition!


Ladies and Gentlemen, as you may or may not know, Injustice: Gods Among Us releases tomorrow, April 16th.  If you’re like some of the people on the NUReviews team, you’re looking forward to the game’s release.  In honor of the game’s final release, we figured it’d be neat to get some friendly match ups going on release day.  Now, unfortunately, some of us won’t be getting our game until the evening, so the match ups won’t be happening until around 8 or 9pm EST.  The plan is to start up a King of the Hill match and, hopefully, stream it.  If you’re interested in duking it out and don’t mind some video evidence that you’re superior to the NUReviews team, then you can send a friend request on Xbox360 to either me (Sn0ochiBoochies) or Steve (HemispheresX1), stating in some way that you found us through NUReviews.  If this turns out to be something fun and popular then we may do more things like this in the future, and maybe even with some prizes!  If you aren’t getting the game on the Xbox 360 then we’re sorry, but we’ll try and figure out something to include you in at a later date.  Remember to send those friend requests to either Sn0ochiBoochies or HemispheresX1, when it comes time for the match ups to begin we’ll send out messages to any one who sent a request and make another post here with (hopefully) the stream link/embedded.  Here’s hoping we see you on the field of battle!


2 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: Injustice: King of NUR Edition!”

    1. The streaming depends on whether or not Steve’s internet connection can handle it, at the very least I bet I can at least record the video, see if there are any high lights, and clip them or something


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