Muramasa Reborn June 25th


Muramasa, one of those “cult hits” on the Nintendo Wii, is being re-released on the PlayStation Vita under the name Muramasa Rebirth.  Not only will the re-release feature better graphics, it will also feature a “super hard mode” where eating or drinking anything means instant death, customizable controls, four downloadable scenarios, as well as a brand new translation which, let’s face it, it needed. badly.  While some may find the translation gives the characters too much of an “uppity” feel to them, and there are a number of people who would fight against the dlc, it can go without saying that this will likely be the “quintessential” version of this game.  Along with the release date, a special edition version of the game has been announced.  With this version you’ll get a Muramasa Rebirth themed skin and cover by HORI, a special carrying pouch, and a lithograph of art by the game designer himself.  Aksys hasn’t given a specific price range yet, but Amazon has it listed for $60, which seems like a fair price point for the goodies you’ll get.



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