Hop On The Jetstream Later Today[UPDATE]

BHMUT5CCMAAzEpf.jpg large

Sometime later today the second batch of Metal Gear Rising: Revengence will be unleashed upon the PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace.  Following the free batch of VR Missions, this DLC will actually feature a small side story where you get to play as Jack the Ripper rival, Jetstream Sam.  This DLC will apparently follow Sam’s origin story, where we’ll likely learn how he came to be, how he joined Desperado, and his relations to your robo-companion.  Sometime after the release of this DLC there will be a third DLC with another side story, this time putting players in the paws of robo-dog Blade Wolf.  As reported at an earlier date, the Jetstream Sam DLC will be $7 on both the PS3 and Xbox.


UPDATE: According to the PlayStation Store Update post on the US PlayStation blog, the dlc is $9.99, not the $7 that was reported earlier.  Sorry for the confusion.


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