Battlefield 4 Trailer Leaked

It looks like they want the Call of Duty audience. In the process they may lose the Battlefield audience. This is all from the campaign, but they really need to bring back the technical aspects of Battlefield 2 that were lost in 3. LAN and a non-browser based menu would be very nice also.

DICE has a chance to make up for what was Battlefield 3, and EA shouldn’t be able to afford any more negative PR. Hopefully they’ll let DICE make a game for the people that actually buy their series. This doesn’t seem to be for those fans though. Bad Company 2 still has active servers, and there’s always the now free version of Battlefield 1942. I just want a Battlefield game with modern graphics that is an actual Battlefield game.

EDIT: The trailer was taken down. Another version of it has popped up, and most of the latter half of the trailer is the same.


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