Embrace Your Turtle Power This Summer

Activision has released a trailer for a downloadable game they have planned for this summer based off of the beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.  Now some might be wondering which continuity the game is based off of, especially with what seems to be a lot of love from the media world focusing on the series lately.  Luckily it looks to be based off of the currently running Nickelodeon series instead of the known Micheal Bay film (evident by the nickelodeon logo at the end of the trailer, and the fact that they’re actually mutants, not aliens, and Megan Fox is thankfully no where to be seen), however the graphics are much more realistic than cartoonish, so I’m really only venturing a guess there.  It is possible that the only reason the nickelodeon logo is there is because nick currently holds the rights to TMNT.  The game seems to be a sort of 3D action game ala Batman’s Arkham series, though likely with much less content considering it appears to be download only, and also is apparently the first of a three game deal with Activision.  The game will be released on PSN, XBLA and PC this summer and feature online 4 player co-op.



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