The God of Thunder Lingers In The Dead Space of Sony Smash Bros March 19th

Announced today on the Playstation Blog, Sony PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is getting another set of new characters and a new level come March 19th.  Zeus, the king of the Greek gods and father of Kratos, and Isaac Clarke of Dead Space fame (whose video you can watch at the end of this post) are the new comers to the Sony Smash battlefield.  Zeus has been classified as a heavy hitter, similar to base roster character Big Daddy, in that he specializes in a few moves that hit hard and gain a lot of AP.  His level one special is a close range thunder clap, while his level two special allows him to fly anywhere in the battlefield before exploding into a lightning burst.  Isaac Clarke is classified best as a mid-range fighter, but has long and close range options.  He is described as “A cross between Jak and Nathan Drake, with some twists”, and makes use of multiple weapons and the signature stasis lock.  Isaac’s level one special fires a kinesis field, freezing whoever it hits, then allows him to overload his Plasma Cutter which deals the actual killing blow.  His level two overloads his kinesis field, launching hit enemies away to their deaths.  The thing that interests me about these characters is that their level 3 supers actually alter the battle field.  Zeus’s Level 3 super transports his enemies to Mount Olympus, where he grows to titan height and crushes his enemies with mighty blows.  Isaac’s level 3 super has him opening up an air lock, sucking his opponents and some debris out into space, where upon he can float about and blast his enemies while they float motionless through the emptiness of space.  Much like the last characters to be released, a new level will be brought with them, this time mixing about MediEvil and The Unfinished Swan.  The new stage will be playable in story mode and online ranked matches, but if you want it anywhere else you have to pay the $1.99 toll just like before.  Unlike before, the characters have a catch to being free this time around.  If you’re one of the people to purchase the new God of War: Ascension game, you’ll get a voucher to download them for free when they release March 19th.  If you don’t buy the game, you have to pay $4.99 for EACH character.  Personally, I’d rather pay just under $10 bucks then $60.



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