Commander Video Is On The Run Again In Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien [UPDATE]

The team behind the Bit.Trip games are back, and this time, they’re bringing the more “action packed” of their games a brand new coat of paint.  Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien finds Commander Video running through brand new worlds with brand new obstacles in shiny, brand new graphics.  Besides the new obstacles, the game play seems to be essentially the same as the first game, so if you were a fan then you have nothing to fear but the unknown (and the ever present knowledge of just how many times you’re going to have to restart a level).  This time around, Runner2 will be released on a smorgasbord of systems, practically everything from the Wii U to iOS to the PSVita, though not all will be released at the same time.  You’ll be able to pick it up on all versions of Steam and the Wii U today, on XBLA Wednesday, and on the PSN (this includes both PS3 and Vita) and iOS March 5th, sadly however if you were hoping to get it on your 3DS or Android, the cards are just not in your favor.  No matter where you buy it, the game will be $14.99.

[UPDATE]: When the game comes out on PSN on March 5th, if you’re PS+ member you’ll be getting it for 20% the retail price.  Unfortunately the game will not feature cross buy regardless of subscription status, so you will need to choose between getting it on PS3 and PSVita, unless you buy it on both, but really all you’d need it on is the portable system in my opinion.


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