Mass Effect 3: DLC “Citadel” “Reckoning”


It’s that time again when we get another DLC pack from Bioware for Mass Effect 3. Not only are we getting a new multiplayer DLC piece but we are also getting the last campaign content DLC pack. The campaign DLC called “Citadel” will have the player uncover a conspiracy on the Citadel. The DLC will also contain a room for Shepard which you can furnish (stripper poles and asaris anyone?), a casino, and a combat arena. It is scheduled to be released on March 5th on all consoles, unless you are a PS3 user who lives in Europe, you have to wait until the 6th. And it’s going to cost you $14.99, 1200MS points or 1200 BW (Bioware) points.

The Multiplayer DLC pack “Reckoning” is scheduled to be released February 26th at no cost and it will contain the following:

  • Five multiplayer characters:
    • Geth Juggernaut
    • Cabal Vanguard
    • Talon Mercenary
    • Krogan Warlord
    • Alliance Infiltration Unit
  • Seven weapons:
    • Geth Spitfire Assault Rifle
    • Venom Shotgun
    • Lancer Assault Rifle
    • Blood Pack Executioner Pistol
    • Chakram Launcher Assault Rifle
    • Blood Pack Punisher SMG
    • Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle
  • New equipment and weapon mods:
    • Geth Scanner
    • Assault Rifle Ultralight Materials

Source: Bioware,


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