Let’s get Moévated with Ted: Tamako Market


So this week on the Anime Midseason Recap I give you Tamako Market. A little slice of life anime mixed with a smidgen of a fantasy element follows the titular Tamako as the daughter of a Mochi(rice cake) maker in a small shopping district in Japan. The tiny bit of fantasy comes from the character Dera Mochiyucky, a strange talking bird from a “Southern Island,” on a quest to find a bride for the prince that he serves. An even stranger tidbit besides the quest and the fact that he can talk like a normal human being is his ability to project messages ala R2D2 from his eyes. Now this plot is lightly touched upon with small hints in some episodes referring to it. Now the actually meat of the show, the slice of life aspect stem from Tamako and Dera’s first encounter which was in a flower shop where the owner mistook a sleeping Dera as an exotic flower. Now Tamako herself is basically a “stock-main-moé-character.” She’s ditzy, passionate about something she loves (making Mochi with her family), generally nice and goodhearted all around and obviously cute. You might say to yourself “why does this sound very familiar to (insert moé anime title here)?” Well that’s because the show is produced by Kyoto Animation  (KyoAni) renowned for their various moé animes like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, K-On! or their most recent hit Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai! There’s not much left to say about the show other than to go watch it yourself. But if you’ve never seen a KyoAni anime or just don’t know what to expect well expect this: lots of cutesy comedy that can make even the manliest of men go “d’awwww!” at the antics of the Tamako Market cast.

On a side note:

On the NUR team there’s one other guy other than myself who actually like these kinds of anime. That being boss man Steve. So if Tamako Market interests you or you want to see how weird the guy who started this site is then check out his video review of K-On! that he did a few years back. Be warned, Steve cross-dresses.


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