Save the Day As Keiji Inafune’s Niece This Summer


Picture if you will a world in which you are a little girl, but not just any little girl, you are the niece of famed developer Keiji Inafune.  As his niece he has invited you to the opening of his brand new theme park, but when you arrive you find it to have been taken over by an evil terrorist.  Now it’s up to you to take down the terrorist, save your uncle and fall in love with one of a handful of complete, yet mostly manly, strangers.  Does this sound like an appealing world to you? If so, putting the odd mental repercussions aside, then Sweet Fuse: At Your Side is the game for you!  Developed by Idea Factory, the otome PSP game has been announced to being brought over seas by Aksys later this summer.  Seeing as it’s a PSP game I wouldn’t expect a retail release, but maybe you’ll also be able to download it on your Vita’s PSN, if you’ve got one of those.  No precise release date or price point has been announced yet.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll hear any more about this game from us, but it certainly seems like something that would be up Tedulous’s alley.


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