Mid-season Anime Recap with Ted: Senyuu


With Japan creating various shows and anime year round, it’s amazing that they still haven’t run out of flak. In this week’s anime recap I give you Senyuu, a seemingly generic story of “The Chosen One” sent out to destroy “The Demon King” and rid the world of evil. But Senyuu doesn’t follow the norms of such a genre, mostly since it’s a comedy and the fact that it is a micro series with a runtime of about 5 minutes per episode. A quickie rundown of Senyuu: it’s a hilarious anime that pokes fun at various anime tropes, memes and even at itself. It’s an anime that you can definitely set aside time for if you live a busy life.

Each episode of Senyuu so far starts off with a very generic narrative overview of the world, that being a portal to the demon world opened up somewhere in the human world and the king of the human world sends out “The Hero” to save the world. And that’s as far as the generic feel of the anime goes. Everything else in it is either a parody of something else. For instance, Alba’s (the MC aka main character) partner Solider is a blatant parody amalgamation of Cloud and Vincent from Final Fantasy VII. Soldier rather than be helpful to Alba tries his best to make Alba’s life suck, he’s not evil or anything it’s just fun to mess with the guy (then again he did stab him one time). The core of the comedy in this anime stems from all the parodies, absurdness and abuse that Soldier puts Alba through. I can’t really say much else without spoiling it since it’s a really short series. So if you got 5 minutes and need a laugh look up Senyuu.

On a side note:

Another thing to note about this season is the theme of the hero vs the demon king. Either very coincidental or planned from the start it’s nice to know that every season seems to have a central theme. Last year’s/season’s theme was reality vs  virtual/imaginary world with major forerunners Sword Art Online and Chunibyo headlining that period. What do you think? Do you think companies in general just release certain types of animes unbeknownst to each other or is it a coordinated plan?


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