Why Modern is the Worst Format

At the shop I work at one of the most common questions asked of the employees is, “Why is modern so bad?” and the easiest answer to give is just, the ban list. There is  a list of other reasons as long as the ban list but just mentioning the ban list is the fastest and easiest answer. So, starting off with the ban list and what that actually means. So when Modern was first established as a format Wizards in association with the DCI presented particular decks that were meant to define the format. The players got really excited for the format and used those decks. That’s when things got bad, Wizards swiftly banned particular cards from some of those decks effectively neutering them. So players moved on, found new interactions, and built new archetypes. Wizards saw trends and yet again, swiftly banned key cards from those archetypes again, neutering them. So after having cards banned to decks players were really excited for decks, that Wizards themselves suggested, the players were pretty cheesed, off to say the least. For whatever reason, Wizards didn’t stop there and the ban list got bigger, more daunting, and more stifling, deterring players to a remarkable level. Next comes the problem with a sufficient lack of creativity and variation in top decks. So this part comes in two parts, the first being that, as I said before, the top decks are more often than not made by a small group of professional players and most people just net deck. Now the pro players are just like everyone else and like everyone else they were just as less enthusiastic by the bannings to play the format.


The difference is that for them, they must play modern to qualify for Pro Tours and Invitationals. So, they still have to make decks, but since they don’t want to play as much as the average player they just build combo decks because they’re easy to play and require little interaction. The second part happens because of the pros playing combo. Like I said before, most decks people play are just net decked and since the best decks are combo more and more players started playing combo. That gesture makes playing aggro decks and control decks harder to become apart of the top decks because to refine those types of decks the have to be play test and you can not play test against combo decks because combo is belt to either win or not, there’s no middle ground. What with the format being dominated by combo decks it tends to attract that sort of person, the kind of person that’s self absorbed and uninterested in actually interacting with their opponent furthering the attitude towards the format.


Truthfully, if I were to really list every reason why Modern is such a dog shit format, we would be here for hours. Between there being no reliable cantrips, the inability to answer effectively, no solid meta in place, everyone only playing two decks, the ban list practically a mile long and many more, it’s just easier to say “The ban list did it!”. In closing I guess, do yourself a favor and play legacy and/or standard and save yourself a serious headache.


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