Vigil Team Hired By Crytek, Now “Crytek USA”

Vigil_Games_logoI’ll start this off on a bad note: I didn’t finish Darksiders, and while appreciating it, I never bought Darksiders 2. That doesn’t keep me from liking what a game company has done. The setting didn’t fit me, and while a Zelda-style adventure game is appealing, I prefer the combat of Demon or Dark Souls if I’m going to sit there playing for over ten hours. Yet what happened to those under THQ banner was undeserved. Darksiders was still a solid, complete game. When THQ properties were sold they were left in the dark.

The major property I was worried about, Relic, was sold to Sega. Relic is famous for Company Of Heroes: a WW2 RTS, perfect for a history major like myself, that follows different campaigns for both American and British forces in the European Theater of the war. They also did the Warhammer 40k RTS series Dawn Of War. The original I played several times at LANs, but the second game failed to capture me multiplayer; I love macro-management and not so much micro, which is a fault of my own and not there’s.

THQ did encompass a whole lot more though, and most of it was sold. Vigil was left cold in the wind despite their success at actual game building. Darksiders reminded me too much of Todd McFarlane, Spawn, and the extreme ’90s of comics for me, but, again, that’s a fault of mine. The game was solid and a bit fun. That’s why I’m glad to finally hear that they’ve found work again.

The team formerly known as Vigil is now known as Crytek USA after one meeting. May they make great games regardless of whether or not it is Darksiders or a new IP. It could be worse: they could be bought by EA or Activision.



One thought on “Vigil Team Hired By Crytek, Now “Crytek USA””

  1. Darksiders 1 and 2 were both great games in their own right. D2 expanded on everything that was fun in the first game and had a Zelda-like feel to the adventure. I’m quite glad that the team at Vigil quickly found work at Crytek. They’re great talent and it would be a waste to have them without work. I do hope that Crytek decides to continue the Darksiders series, I feel that there’s so much more lore and characters to explore in that world.

    Great news piece sir!


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