Get ZombiU + Pro Controller in New Wii U Deluxe Console Bundle

Nintendo and Ubisoft wants YOU to considering getting ZombiU, which is now featured in the new WiiU Deluxe Set. What YOU get with the ZombiU Deluxe Set is a Deluxe Wii U, ZombiU, a booklet featuring game artwork and developer commentary, a black Wii U Pro Controller, a download of Nintendo Land and enrollment in the Deluxe Digital Promotion. MSRP $389.99.

Comparing this to the standard Deluxe Wii U, what YOU get in this bundle for $40 more is ZombiU + Artbook + Commentary (Which is normally $60 sans the latter two), a Wii U Pro Controller ($50), and Nintendo Land ($50 separately, but free with the bundle). Just a note, so YOU know: the normal deluxe set has Nintendo Land packed in, but in this set, YOU get a download code. From my experience, downloading it will take anyway from 30 minutes to around an hour. Also, it will take up a chuck of your hard drive space (although YOU can always hook up an external hard drive.)

YOU are now informed. (Seriously, every day, I’m sure Nintendo regrets the name more and more).

The ZombiU Deluxe Set will be released on February 17, 2013.



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