Injustice: Gods Among Us Trailer Details Story, Possible Spoilers?[UPDATE]

UPDATE: Forget Joystiq, watch the trailer above!

Picture, if you will, a booming metropolis filled with thousands of people.  People who enjoy their every day lives with little care, except for when the occasional super villain rolls into town to smash things up.  But even then there is little to fear, for a team of Super Heroes is ever vigilant, and always ready to fight any threat to protect the city.  Now imagine those heroes failing, a villain sets off a massive bomb, wiping out the city, and a new regime of hero hating mercenaries rises from the ashes to take over while the most prominent, and arguably strongest, hero goes on a rampage.  That seems to be the story that Injustice: Gods Among Us is trying to tell us.  The Joker sets off a nuke that wipes out Metropolis, Superman’s home town, and with it goes Lois Lane, Superman’s special lady friend.  In a fit of rage the Kryptonian hero goes after the Joker, but Batman intervenes in an attempt to buy some time to figure out what was the point of it all, as Batman likes to do.  But that won’t last long, as Superman isn’t one for keeping his anger in check, especially when faced with the death of the woman he loved.  But what is with this militant force rising against the heroes? And what is Lex Luthor’s part in all of this? And why is Batman Bataranging The Flash in the face?  Questions I assume I’ll have answered when I play Injustice: Gods Among Us this April, or when the cutscenes get leaked onto youtube.  You can watch the full trailer at as well as a bit of their impressions of the game.


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