Buy Year of PS+ Get Three Months Free


Starting now until March 4th, Sony is willing to give you three free months of their Playstation Plus service!  That is, given that you’re willing to purchase a full year’s subscription first.  A full year’s subscription costs $49.99, but you can also subscribe for three months at a time for $17.99.  For those of you who are oblivious to the service, Playstation+ is Sony’s premium online service, a little like Microsoft’s Gold Membership, but instead of locking you out of content, it gives you a little more (totally not a biased opinion).  With a Playstation+ subscription you will have access to exclusive offers and beta’s that normal PSN users won’t have access to, along with a collection of PS3 and PSVita games that you can download for free.  The free games are yours forever, that is, unless you stop your subscription.  Once your subscription ends you won’t be able to access the free games, but if you decide to pick it up again you’ll be able to access everything as if you never lost it.  Pro Tip: You don’t actually have to download the games to keep them.  As long as you add the games to your shopping cart and proceed through the transaction up to the download page, their yours!


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