Torchlight 2 To Get Free Goodies


I will admit that this post is a bit of a slowpoke, seeing as it’s been almost a month since this news was actually made, but can you really fault us for needing time to recover from the holiday massacres? Anyways, on December 14th, 2012, Runic Games produced a podcast in which a handful of employees talked about the development of Torchlight 2.  It’s a neat little podcast, but the real goodies are at the end, where one of the employees mentioned that free content was to be added to Torchlight 2 sometime in early 2013.  The content was said to include new levels, new items and even new pets, and will be patched in so there is no DLC purchasing.  I haven’t played Torchlight 2 for a long time now, not since release I believe, but if I’ve got the free time it seems like it’ll be worth creating a new character and delving back in.


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