Nintendo Direct – New Pokemon Edition!


Nintendo is having another Nintendo Direct conference today, this time focusing on one of it’s biggest cash cows, Pokemon.  The conference is scheduled to start at 6 am EST and this time around is actually a global announcement, so everyone every where will be getting the news at the same time.  Many speculate on what the announcement could possibly be, it’s obviously a new game, but what kind of game? Pokemon Snap 2? Hey U Pikachu? A new Pokemon coliseum/stadium? or perhaps it’s a new Mystery Dungeon? a New Pokemon Ranger? Or even Generation VI?  Time will tell and you can be as sure as the sun will rise, it’ll be posted here as soon as it’s announced.  Or, if you don’t have the patience and are actually up at such an hour, you can watch it live at the Nintendo Direct Site (link for NA viewers, check your local Nintendo Direct site if not NA).


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