Generation VI Pokemon – PokemonX and PokemonY Releases World Wide October 2013


With the rather short Nintendo Direct conference over with, the internet is ablaze with buzz about the newly revealed pokemon games, PokemonX and PokemonY.  The two games not only break the naming convention that mainline Pokemon games have followed thus far, it is also breaking through into the third dimension.  The game will feature full 3D models and environments, and even the battles have been changed to be more like Pokemon Stadium battles, with full 3D models and full battle animations.  PokemonX and PokemonY will have three new starter pokemon, Chespin, a grass type pokemon that looks like an otter wearing a more traditional looking grass pokemon’s skin, Fennekin, a fire type pokemon that looks like a cartoon fox, and Froakie, a water type frog pokemon.  They will also feature (at least) two new legendaries, a large flying pokemon and a deer, which likely indicates we’re going to be in yet another new region.  With a global release date of October 2013, it’s now a matter of waiting for and anticipating more details.


One thought on “Generation VI Pokemon – PokemonX and PokemonY Releases World Wide October 2013”

  1. Reblogged this on Pokémon Stuff! and commented:
    So I was kind of reblogging this thing, but then I we had to reset our computer… Yeah, that kind of sucks. Well I was basically just saying stuff about how Nintendo and Game freak really advenced in the graphics for Pokémon and how now it’s in 3D and that it’s not a pixelated sprite and everything. There are also a bunch of memes about evolution with pokémon protagonists.
    There are also a bunch of thing about how it’s called X and Y so that for the third game it would be Z and that would complete the three axes for 3D. Other people were talking about how it was supposed to be like the X and Y chromosomes and that depending on which game you would take, you would either get a male character or a female one.
    I’m going with the axes thing.

    Well I’m pretty sure a lot of things have already been said in this post, so…
    See ya?
    A guess that’s all. There are a lot of other things I wanted to talk about, but I guess I’ll just put that in another post.
    So goodbye, and have fun!


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