Far Cry 3: Better Than Expected

2012-12-14_00006I know in a previous podcast I have done I along with the other co-hosts railed the game. However, we failed to realize that we only were seeing snippets of the co-op (which in my opinion is the weakest part of the game). Now before I start I will say that I have this for the computer and have been playing this game with max settings. This game is one of the most beautiful games you can purchase for the PC at this time. The level of immersion I got from the beautiful graphics and the first person animations (such as getting in cars, takedowns, etc.) Are unmatched by anything I have ever played in the past. The characters were believable and well scripted/acted and the storyline was at least somewhat believable in terms of the scenario your character is placed in to start the game. What made this game truly great in the story telling was the fact that every cut scene was in the first person perspective and the level of brutality, harsh language, and mature scenarios that your character experiences in the game made it that much better.

That being said I feel the gameplay was pretty standard. This is not to say it is bad but fps’ in general are all quite similar. The gunplay is what can be expected of an fps but I really enjoyed how ubisoft tries to hint at the player to take enemies in certain ways. When you take down an enemy you gain experience which after you complete enough to advance in “level” you get skill points which goes towards getting tattoos that unlocks special abilities. So what I mean by influencing players to take out enemies a certain way is that players will get x2 exp for taking out an enemy with a headshot but will get x3 exp for sneaking up on them and performing takedowns. Likewise if you had to liberate an outpost. Your score goes up for no alarms sound and even more for doing the whole thing undetected. Little things like this really add to a game which tries to get players to think a bit more of their playing style rather than simply playing in run-and-gun fashion. Another point that I absolutely loved was the sheer size of the islands you are able to play on and the amount of side quests, missions, and things to do on the island which on top of the 18 hour campaign will definitely give players a sense of many well spent.


While I could probably write more on what I liked I have to get into some of the not so great things. First is ubisofts reusing game concepts in recent games. Throughout the island there are radio towers which you can climb and turn off to help the players cause. However, when you do this you get a huge 360 view of the area around you and a piece of the map is un-camouflaged. Sound familiar assassin’s creed players? Also I found that the enemy types and is were lacking in variety and intelligence. In fact my biggest enemy on the island was the wildlife which have a tendency to sneak up on you and attempt to maul you (damn lions). Also the game really does not have much replay value. Once you finish the campaign you are given and option to return to the island to finish any side quests that are left but this feels very strange since no ending of the game would make sense to you returning. The co-op is utter rubbish, no free roam. Also remember I am talking from the perspective of a PC gamer, this game on a xbox or ps3 looks like poop compared to the presentation on the PC.


With all this being said I really felt like I had one of  my best gaming experiences of the year. Once again if you have the PC for it I HIGHLY recommend getting it for PC (also cheaper on PC). 8/10 game overall, I wish multiplayer was better and a 7/10 for console because of graphic limitations.



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